Student & Intern Questions

Intern accommodations are made at local dorms. All interns can expect to have a roommate. We currently do not take roommate requests.

Rome, NY is a city located in Central New York. Rome earned the nickname “Copper City” because of its pivotal role in the copper industry during the Industrial Revolution. Rome is also the home of Fort Stanwix, which was constructed in 1758 to protect travelers on the Erie Canal.

Upstate New York summers typically see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s to low 80s.

Local tourism pages around DoD host sites: Keesler, Eglin, JBSA, Keyport NUWC, Pac NIWC

Candidates must be eligible for a Department of Defense Secret Clearance. They must be first- or second-year students with a recommended major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or a computer security-related major at a VICEROY Virtual Institute. Other majors will be considered based on the candidate’s relevant experience and aptitude in computer science and engineering. There is no GPA requirement to apply for this program.

This is a paid internship compensated at an hourly rate. Griffiss Institute employees are paid bimonthly. Hourly employees are not eligible for holiday pay. Travel/accommodations to and from the internship location will be made by the GI. Any student wishing to book their own accommodations may do so with prior written authorization and will be reimbursed up to $1500.

No, applications are considered final once submitted. You may however contact viceroy@griffissinstitute.org for any questions.

You will be notified via email if you have been selected for the VICEROY internship program.

We respectfully ask for students to be mindful of planning vacations around the internship to avoid research disruptions. This is an intensive, hands-on learning experience and the curriculum/research requires you be present for the entire internship to reach the mandatory hours to graduate.

We do accept many ROTC students into the program and will work around any official field training they are required to attend- this is the only exception.

Yes! SFS students will be assigned remote work prior to their arrival to reach the 400-hour requirement.

Illness and emergencies should be reported to Graduate Assistants. They will work with staff to make sure you are taken care of and if needed get medical help as necessary.

There are volunteer experiences in the community that interns are expected to participate in. These experiences do not exceed 10 hours in total.

University Questions

A formal request for approval needs to be made regarding any change in contract (i.e. PI change) before final.

All students and staff need to be security clearance eligible.

Students involved in cross-town ROTC programs are eligible to benefit from the VICEROY program through academic courses, internships, and experiential learning to hone student competencies in cyber/electromagnetic spectrum expertise.

Yes, collaboration between Virtual Institutes is encouraged. Griffiss Institute will host program-wide events and competitions, but VIs are encouraged to promote their events to other universities for greater participation.

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